Settling In!

Establishing routines, both professionally and personally. Have been walking home from work and walking/jogging since arriving (a full two days!). πŸ˜… Efforts at ingraining healthy activity are being offset by the fact I’ve had macaroni and cheese for three meals since arriving on the island. πŸ˜‚ I figure I have time to figure out how/what to cook and…small steps.

I am grateful for the community, patients and staff that have been helping me with my transition to island life. The clinic is still in its early formation and PHC services are in a very early phase of transition from the acute hospital sector. This will be a challenge but never insurmountable. Ultimately, it’s the community itself that will have to drive this change. I see myself as merely a facilitator. Hope that’s the right approach…

Yesterday kids horsing around on the jetty where crocks have been sighted. Happily swimming, splashing and laughing. Amazing how they just flaunt danger like that…seems to me I was probably the same as a kid…but I don’t recall crocks – real or imagined! 😝

Little ones hunting with wooden spears easily twice their height walking waist deep in the water. Beautiful satin black and brown contrasting with fluorescent blue water. Sun high and bright in the sky. Sea birds calling. Waves lapping against young sand. It is a blessing to witness this.

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